Department of Geological Engineering

Undergraduate Program

Offered Programs:

  • BSc Geological Engineering

The department of Geological Engineering offers bachelor of sciences (B.Sc.) in Geological Engineering. The program in geological engineering is accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council and Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. This degree program is designed for students who have the aptitude to master engineering fundamentals, but who also have the curiosity to apply their engineering training in context of the physical earth. The program emphasizes geosciences’ applications and technology development in understanding and protecting the Earth and its resources.

The curriculum of bachelor degree program has been designed keeping in view both local and international needs. A bachelor degree in Geological Engineering is the basis of careers concentrating on the interaction of humans and the earth.
It is a broad, interdisciplinary field with many specialty areas such as:

  • Tunneling and Deep Excavation
  • Geotechnical Site Investigation and Foundation Design
  • Rock Engineering and Geo-mechanics
  • Hydrogeology, Environmental Site Characterization
  • Geophysical Exploration & Petroleum Geology
  • Exploration and development of New Energy Resources

Curriculum for B.Sc. (Geological Engineering)

Field Camps
Geological Engineering is a very adventurous program which includes visits to number of areas for the study of Geology. Department of Geological Engineering arranges number of field visits to different areas where there are number of geological features and beautiful landscapes. In such an environment, students learn professional skills enthusiastically and enjoy the field trips. These tours include survey camp and geology camp which are considered mandatory for the completion of the degree. The most famous locations for the instructional tours are Abbottabad, Mansehra, Murree, Muzaffarabad, Nathiagali, Khewra Gorge, Namal Gorge, Kattas Coal Mines, Salt Range, Dam sites (Tarbela, Mangla, Khanpur dam etc), different rig sites and many other locations. These tours introduce the field conditions to the students, train them and make them perfect to work in the field.