Department of Geological Engineering

Graduate Program

Offered Programs:
  • M.Sc. Geological Engineering
  • Ph.D. Geological Engineering

The Postgraduate office is continuously striving to improve the standard of postgraduate teaching and research quality so that it is at par with the best universities in the west. As a result, the department of Geological Engineering has successfully started its Master degree programme in two disciplines i.e. M.Sc. (Geological Engineering) and M.Sc. (Geological Sciences with specialization in Petroleum Geology). This degree program is designed for students who have the aptitude for higher education to serve the geotechnical and petroleum industries. The curriculum of this master degree program is designed after consulting both industries and academics keeping in view the local needs and international trends.

  1. The M.Sc. Geological Engineering completion requirement is total 8 courses from Module I & II with at least four courses from Module I and Research Thesis (Module III).
  2. Courses are offered subjected to the choice of the students and availability of the concerned teacher.
  3. Intake for M.Sc. (Geological Engineering) will be B.Sc. (Geological Engineering), B.Sc. (Mining Engineering), B.Sc. (Petroleum Engineering), B.Sc. (Civil Engineering),
  4. The M.Sc. (Geological Sciences) completion requirement is total eight courses from Module I & II for each group with at least four courses from Module I and Research Thesis (Module III).
  5. Graduate Seminar of current topics will be held.

Curriculum for M.Sc. (Geological Engineering)

Curriculum for M.Sc. (Geological Sciences)

All subjects are 3 (3+0) credit hours unless specified The degree requirement is the completion of 30 credit hours including 24 credit hours of course work and 6 credit hours of a research thesis. The completion of M.Sc. (Geological Sciences) the degree requires a total of eight courses with at least four courses from Group A and two courses from Group B. Specialization in Petroleum Geology or Engineering Geology requires the completion of at least four courses from Section I or Section II of Group A respectively.

Group A

Section I: Petroleum Geology Specialization*

Geo-S-501 Reservoir Sedimentology
Geo-S-502 Advanced Well Log Interpretation and Petrophysics
Geo-S-503 Principles of Basin Analysis
Geo-S-504 Petroleum and Coal Geology
Geo-S-505 Organic & Petroleum Geochemistry
Geo-S-506 Sequence Stratigraphy

Section II: Engineering Geology Specialization

 Geo-S-511 Soil Mechanics
Geo-S-512 Advanced Rock Mechanics
Geo-S-513 Geological Investigations
Geo-S-514 Advanced Engineering Geology
Geo-S-515 Tunnel & Excavation Engineering
Geo-S-516 Natural Geological Hazards and their Environmental Impact

Group B

Geo-S-521 Tectonics and Structural Geology
Geo-S-522 Applied Biostratigraphy
Geo-S-523 Applied Hydrology
Geo-S-524 Field Geology & Report Writing
Geo-S-525 Wellsite Geology and Drilling Engineering
Geo-S-526 Geophysical Exploration Techniques
Geo-S-527 GIS Applications
Geo-S-528 Reserve Analysis and Geostatistics
Geo-E-513 Introduction to Reservoir Engineering
Geo-E-516 Slope Stability Analysis
Geo-E-519 Advanced Rock Engineering
Geo-E-523 Discontinuous Rock
Geo-E-524 Hydrogeology and Contaminant Transport Processes

Research Thesis and Viva Voce

Geo-S-541 Thesis